At CIN we are an international team. However, all of us got attached to the city of Brussels, either having grown up here, or after spending a supposedly finite amount of time, which never came to an end. As citizens of Brussels, we want to find out how to improve living conditions and trigger economic transitions in city ecosystems. Brussels is one of Europe’s most diverse, international and creative cities, home to EU Institutions but also to many of Belgium’s poorest neighborhoods with high immigration and unemployment rates. As a melting pot where creative minds and opportunities for civic innovation come together with real needs to improve diverse aspects of city life, Brussels is the ideal environment to host a civic experiment such as CIN.

Engaged citizens and organisations who want to transform the way citizens work around the common values of openness, collaboration and transparency. For more details, please have a look at our partners page.

We rely on donations from private foundations, state subsidies and crowdfunding. We are totally transparent about our revenues and expenses, which everyone can access at our open collective page.

As a public actor you can play an active role in the civic innovation network. We reach out for cooperations with public actors willing to engage in action towards an open, inclusive and innovative future for the city of Brussels.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us regarding any questions on our vision and actions or potential opportunities to collaborate.

Businesses are progressing from consumer-facing platforms and goods to big scale innovative approaches, looking at society and business opportunities with a new disruptive lens. We believe that by joining forces, companies and civic initiatives can tremendously improve city life. civic innovation network is all about bright minds and ideas, so if this sounds like you, do not hesitate to get in touch us!

If you feel like you could devote some time to CIN, we’re always open to welcome more people with fresh ideas and who would like to be part of our multidisciplinary and diverse team. If you are interested in our network and believe in the added value of collaboration, don’t hesitate to contact us or come over and meet us at our coworking space in “La Fissure”.

Of course ! We’re always thrilled about getting new insights and we are considering every society’s actor equally. May you be a teacher, a university, a research lab, a media representative or a Gold Fish, if you have any remark, opinion, idea to address to civic innovation network, we’d always be happy to have a chat.

CIN empowers a collective movement of entrepreneurs, innovators and engaged citizen to transform the way our city works around the common values of openness, interdisciplinarity and transparency. In practice we engage in a number of actions to foster closer cooperation between diverse sectors and stakeholders within Brussels ecosystem:

  • act as an intersectoral observer to identify civic challenges and plug in the right project holders
  • mapping of the local ecosystem to identify links for new collaborations
  • inspire innovative policy design striving for more citizen engagement
  • use criteria such as social impact measurement for the targeting of funding
  • incubate new missions that solve civic challenges
  • research on social challenges in cities is carried out within the civic innovation lab

A common set of shared values is our main requirement when engaging in partnerships with both private and public partners as well as individuals. Accordingly, partners should respect values such as openness and transparency, engage in an activity that addresses a real need in Brussels’ society and believe in the importance of collaboration and inclusiveness.

Today’s production and consumption patterns are not sustainable, as they use up too much energy and produce high amounts of pollution and waste. An economic transition from ownership-based systems to sharing and collaborative ecosystems holds huge potential to make the use of resources more efficient and sustainable and can create new local value-chains.

Brussels is already home to many innovative projects, but many of these are active on a small and local scale and focus on one single sector. CIN’s intersectoral approach to civic innovation is based on two pillars, use the knowledge of experts to build up a collective voice of transition actors in Brussels, and on the other hand, mapping Brussels ecosystem in order to identify new opportunities of collaborations between existing actors.

Civic innovation network acts as a multidimensional observation center on civic innovation needs and opportunities in Brussels. We connect civic society, public and private actors and use our network to identify unforeseen opportunities for collaborations between different sectors, create knowledge and exchange innovative ideas.

All the above relates closely to politics; and therefore triggering policy innovation that allows for closer participation and interaction with citizen and social entrepreneurs is one of our main objectives.

CIN is a collective gathering around the common goal to boost civic innovation in our City. We are hosted at Opencollective, and as such engaged ourselves to be fully transparent about all income and expenses.

Please send us your question at and we’ll come back to you as soon as possible.

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