Methods & facilitation tools

We are  a team of experienced and complementary facilitators  (scientific, designer, economist, urbanist) and we are specialized in the activation of transversal and cross sectorial dynamics. 

How do we proceed?

  1. We facilitate the co-creation of a systemic & long term vision for your organisation, your sector or your city.
  2. We identify with you hidden complementarities between departments, actors or sectors by scanning their needs and ressources.
  3. We gather the relevant actors around the table and create a neutral environment allowing participants to switch from a competitive to a collaborative mindset.
  4. We collectively choose and decide a relevant project or direction to test the activation of transversal dynamics
  5. We build a strategical report on how to implement this systemic approach.
  6. We provide a set of open, transparent, collaborative and on line tools to facilitate interactions between participants and guarantee the collaborative functioning.

The more diverse the actors around the table are, the more systemic the result will be. Our experience, connexions and networks also allow us to identify and invite around the table key innovative players from your field that you might not know yet (Europe/Canada/USA).

For a more traditionnal approach, we can always design specific tools & methodologies of collective intelligence tailored to your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information :